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The Ag Council of Arkansas advocates on behalf of its members year-round at the state and federal levels on a variety of issues. The primary focus of the Ag Council’s advocacy efforts is to press for policies that expand market opportunities for agricultural commodities; increase production and profits of Arkansas farms; invest in agriculture research and extension services; provide adequate safety-net programs for farmers; support on-farm conservation practices; and ensure a sustainable agriculture industry.

The Ag Council remains active in informing policy makers of the issues that are most important to our members. Our members are very interested in laws and regulations related to agriculture and rural communities. To learn more about the views of the Ag Council please take a look at our position documents and resolutions HERE.

In addition, we encourage supporters of this organization to contribute to our Political Action Committee, which helps us advocate among policy makers in Arkansas.

Political Action Committee

The Ag Council of Arkansas PAC (The AG PAC) is a non-partisan, state focused political action arm of the Agricultural Council of Arkansas (Ag Council). The AG PAC was established in 2014 by the Board of Directors of the Ag Council to increase our visibility and provide campaign contributions to candidates for public office where they may influence legislation and regulations impacting our members. The AG PAC is funded through voluntary contributions from individuals and businesses that support our mission.

It’s our intent to be good stewards of all contributions and wisely invest your dollars in candidates we feel will truly make a difference on our behalf. The purpose is to help elect candidates, regardless of party affiliation, who share our interests and contain a willingness to fight for us in their terms of public service. This PAC will help us further advance our message and ensure that our voice is adequately heard.

Your contribution is truly appreciated, and it will go a long way in helping us be most effective in promoting agriculture and advocating on behalf of agriculture.

To make a donation to the Ag Council PAC, please make an online contribution at the link below or complete a Donor form (linked below) and mail along with payment to: Ag Council of Arkansas PAC | PO Box 250909 Little Rock, AR 72225


More information on how to give:

Individuals and businesses can contribute any amount up to $5,000 per calendar year for the Ag Council PAC.

You can also donate to the Ag Council PAC online by clicking the link below:

Contact Government

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“Every farmer cannot give their talent, but there is no excuse for not investing money to protect your interests. You never know just when the help from an organization like this will be needed and needed badly. Experience has taught us that you can’t wait until war is declared to form and train an army.”
-Harvey R. Adams, Executive Vice President of the Agricultural Council of Arkansas in 1943