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Land Stewardship

Arkansas farmers are active environmentalists. We are in constant pursuit of being the most sustainable farmers in the world. It's a competitive advantage in the marketplace, but sustainability is a requirement in farming.

While productivity is important and profitability is paramount, efficiency is how one arrives there. And, the land we farm today, must be farmed again tomorrow. So, land stewardship is of utmost importance.

Arkansas farmers have made significant progress across the board in this area in recent decades, and new initiatives are helping to better quanitify and monitor ongoing improvements through on-farm and aggregate data collection.

This effort not only helps farmers become more efficient, it also helps Arkansas farmers maintain our marketing advantages by proving sustainability through verified measurements of on-farm conservation practices that shrink their environmental "field print."


Fieldprint How It Works
*image is a sample "field print" spidergram from FieldtoMarket, and is not indicative of any actual data.