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UN Climate Summit Ends with Mutual Agreement

Following a two-week multinational summit on climate change that ended November 13th, an agreement among nearly 200 countries to jointly combat climate change was reached. The agreement intends to keep a goal of reducing global temperatures by 1.5 degrees celcius through reduced greenhouse gas emissions and to finalize outstanding elements of the Paris Agreement. The United States was party to the agreement while China and India were not. Each participating nation will have specific goals to reach in regards to greenhouse gas emission reductions.

The summit was held in Glasgow, Scotland, U.K., and the new agreement will be referred to as the Glasgow Climate Pact. Annual meetings to determine progress on agreement goals are expected through 2030.

The event and the agreement received ample criticism from two sides, those who feel the agreement did not go far enough in addressing climate change, and those who feel that the event and the agreement were unnecessary, ill-advised, and bad for the nations involved.

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