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Nathan Reed Elected to Serve as Chairman of American Cotton Producers

Ag Council of Arkansas vice president Nathan Reed of Marianna, Arkansas, was elected to serve as chairman of the American Cotton Producers (ACP), which is the grower segment of the National Cotton Council (NCC). The election was held at the NCC annual meeting February 11-13 in Houston, Texas. Reed was previously serving as vice-chairman where he represented the mid-south region of the cotton belt. He succeeded Mark McKean of Riverdale, California, whose term expired.

The ACP is an organization of 24 cotton producer leaders elected by their peers from across the cotton belt. Membership is uniformly distributed among the major cotton-producing states.

The ACP is comprised of the chairman of the producer delegation from each of the 16 state units; the five producer members of the NCC's Board of Directors; and three regional vice chairmen and the chairman, who is elected at-large by all NCC producer delegates. Thus all state units are represented and membership is uniformly distributed. All are elected for annual terms and must be producer delegates to the NCC.

Unlike other segments of the cotton industry, producers are not represented by a national organization separate from the NCC. Instead, they rely on strong state and regional organizations. From a national standpoint, the ACP is the producers' advocate within the NCC and has responsibility for developing recommendations on all matters affecting the production sector.

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