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Ag Council Supports Issue 1 for Roads and Bridges

This election year, Arkansas voters will have the opportunity to vote for a ballot initiative that would continue the half cent sales tax committed to funding state, county and local roads. The Ag Council supports Issue 1 and strongly encourages its members to vote FOR Issue 1 to retain critical funding for Arkansas road and bridge infrastructure. The last day to vote is Tuesday, November 3rd.

We support Issue 1 because it provides a long-term funding solution to support farm to market roads through maintenance and improvements without requiring a new tax. Extending the current sales tax, which was otherwise set to expire in 2023, will allow for these funds to continue to support our federal highways, state highways, county roads, and municipal roadways, including bridges. Such infrastructure is vital to agriculture in getting our goods to market safely and efficiently, and in a manner that keeps us competitive in the global marketplace.

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