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Sustaining memberships are available to corporate entities promoting agriculture and economic development interests. Sustaining members pay annual membership dues of a minimum of $1,000. If you wish to become a sponsor, please submit payment online here or fill out the appropriate form and return with check to:
Agricultural Council of Arkansas | P.O. Box 250909| Little Rock, AR 72225

Sustaining memberships (SPONSORSHIPS) are offered at three levels:

HARVEST $5,000+, DELTA $2,500, SEED $1,000

With a Sustaining Membership, we will:

1) put your business’s logo and weblink on our website, newsletter/e-newsletter;
2) recognize your support at each of our meetings;
3) offer your business the opportunity to direct market to our membership with direct mail, newsletter space, and presentation time at our meetings
4) commit to work with you on policy issues of concern to your business provided they are consistent with our policies

Additional benefits are available to each member that gives at the Delta and Harvest Sponsor levels. These benefits include:

1) larger logos on materials recognizing sponsorship;
2) recognition as a meal sponsor at Ag Council meetings; and
3) additional advertising space on our website and in our newsletters

Note: Sustaining Members are not granted voting rights as members of the Agricultural Council of Arkansas, however their input is always welcome on policy matters.

Note: If you pay online, a $30 service fee is added to your total.

HARVEST $5,000+
Purchase Harvest Sponsorship:

DELTA $2,500
Purchase Delta Sponsorship:

SEED $1,000
Purchase Seed Sponsorship: