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The Ag Council of Arkansas established a 501 (c)(3) charitable arm to support charitable, scientific, public safety, literary, or educational efforts on behalf of our members and donors. Today the Trust is primarily focused on developing our Presidents’ Scholarship to support students engaged in agricultural learning at higher education institutions in Arkansas. The Trust and its scholarship represent an effort of goodwill by the row crop industry of Arkansas. It is designed to provide educational support and foster future leaders of the industry.

To make a donation to the Trust’s President’s Scholarship, please make an online contribution at the link below or complete a Donor form (linked below) and mail along with payment to: Ag Council of Arkansas Trust| PO Box 250909 Little Rock, AR 72225

In addition to the scholarship program, we are interested in partnering with other donors on their specific ideas that meet our charitable mission. We encourage donations to support this effort!


Ag Council Trust President's Scholarship Information Trust contribution Form