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Plant Board Denies Petition for Later Cut-Off Date for Dicamba

On Tuesday, June 2nd, at the Arkansas State Plant Board's quarterly meeting, the board reviewed and denied proposals to extend the May 25th state-wide cut-off date for dicamba products. The first proposal was a petition from Mr. Franklin Fogleman* of Marion, Arkansas, who sought an extension of the date through June 25th. That petition was denied with a vote of 10-5. A second motion by Mr. Sam Stuckey* of Clarkedale, Arkansas, to provide an emergency rule allowing use of dicamba for a two week period following implementation failed to get sufficient support for approval and failed with a vote of 6-9.

As it relates to dicamba, current laws and rules continue to apply**. Over the top, in-crop use of dicamba is prohibited after May 25th, and any application of dicamba made that is not compliant with state or federal laws and regulations may be considered an 'egregious' violation and subject to fines of $1,000 and up to $25,000 per violation.

*Fogleman and Stuckey are both members of board of directors to the Ag Council of Arkansas - their proposals for extending the cut-off dates were brought on their own accord and not generated or directed by the Ag Council


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