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General Assembly Begins Fiscal Session

On Monday, February 14th, the Arkansas General Assembly began its fiscal session, which will provide an opportunity for the state to establish state budgeting priorities. On the first day of the session Governor Asa Hutchinson addressed a joint session of the House and Senate in his final state of the state. In his speech expressed gratitude for his time as governor and highlighted various accomplishments from his time as governor. In addition he offered his goals and a vision for the session and the budget.

In reviewing his time as governor, he noted accomplishments in creating jobs and growing the economy, reducing income tax liabilities for Arkansans, reforming state bureaucracies through transformation, investing in highway and broadband infrastructure, advancing education in computer sciences, and overcoming challenges including a global pandemic, record floods, and other natural disasters.

In looking ahead towards the fiscal session, he laid out goals of increasing salaries for state law enforcement officers, building out the transportation, logistical and supply chain systems of the future, making appropriate investments in other state needs and priorities so that we can continue to lead in areas like job creation, computer science education, technology innovation, advanced manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, and tourism.

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Transcript of State of the State Address