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EPA Indicates Future Steps on Dicamba Registration in Federal Court

In a document filed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in federal court on May 16th, the agency reportedly hinted at some of the next steps to come at the agency in relation to the registration of dicamba herbicides. The reports indicate that the document indicated that label changes for over-the-top use of dicamba products would likely come prior to the 2023 growing season. The changes would be in-part a response to proposed amendments by registrants as well as other recommendations of the agency due to its new processes that relate to the Endangered Species Act (ESA). In addition to over-the-top formulations, all other dicamba formulations will also be subject to changes as they are undergoing the registration review process that all pesticides cycle through every 15 years.

While the EPA has made it known that they don't intend to make any label changes for the 2022 growing season, they have indicated that the are not sure they can defend the current 2020 dicamba registration in court, due to potential risks to endangered species and other analysis provided by an agency report on off-target dicamba injury that was released in December.

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