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Congressional Democrats Continue Efforts to Enact Reconciliation Legislation

Congressional democrats have returned to efforts to complete a budget reconciliation package that includes priority spending measures and tax increases to generate new revenues. Previous versions of such legislation, which has commonly been referred to as the "Build Back Better" plan, have not received sufficient support for passage in the U.S. Senate. In order for this budget reconciliation package to pass, every democrat in the Senate would have to vote for the bill as they currently enjoy a razor thin majority in a 50-50 split Senate with the ability of the Vice President to cast a tie-breaking vote.

Democratic leaders continue to negotiate with moderate democrats like Joe Manchin in hopes of gaining enough support to pass a scaled back version of the Build Back Better plan. Previous attempts to pass similar legislation have yet to yield the support of Senator Manchin who's expressed concern for too much spending and creating more inflationary pressures on the economy.

It's expected that part of the build back better legislation may include new spending for conservation programs at USDA in areas deemed to be "climate smart," which carries potential for increasing budget baselines for the farm bill.

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