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Ag Council Board Meeting August 18th in Jonesboro

The Ag Council of Arkansas will hold its upcoming board of directors meeting on August 18th in Jonesboro at the Embassy Suites Redwolf Convention Center. The meeting will be closed to Ag Council board of directors only. Meeting will begin at 9:30am and conclude with lunch. The meeting will cover business items of the organization and serve as the beginning of the policy development process for the upcoming year.

Agricultural Council of Arkansas

Board of Directors Meeting
Embassy Suites Redwolf Convention Center
Jonesboro, AR
August 18, 2022 | 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.


  1. Call to Order & Opening Remarks
    John King III, President
  2. Roll Call Introductions & Reports
  3. Policy Review & Discussion
    1. Review and Discussion of Court Decisions on Plant Board
    2. Discussion on Upcoming General Session
    3. Review and Discussion of Farm Bill
    4. Discussion of Other Policy Challenges & Opportunities
  4. Ag Council Update
    Andrew Grobmyer, Executive Vice President
  5. Other Business
  6. Adjourn for Lunch