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The Ag Council of Arkansas cooperates and partners with a wide range of government and non-government conservation partners. Partners vary from sustainability marketing partners, in field research and verification partners, and ag tech and innovation partners.

All of these groups share the same goal of improving working farmlands and ensuring that Arkansas farmers continue to lead the world in sustainable agriculture production. In addition to these not for profit partners, we also support and partner with a variety of for profit businesses seeking to make agriculture more efficient, sustainable, and profitable.

Research and Marketing Partners

Field to Market:

U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol:

USA Rice Stewardship Initiative:

Soybean Renewable Energy Directive:

University of Arkansas System's DIvision of Agriculture:

Arkansas Discovery Farms:

Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts:

Arkansas State University:

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service:

Precision Agriculture & Innovation Partners

Precision agriculture advancements continue to play a very important role in advancing agriculture, minimizing environmental impacts, and making farming more profitable and sustainable. The Ag Council supports the continued development of agriculture technologies that seek to improve efficiencies and production on the farm. In addition, we collaborate and partner with institutions, non-profits, and businesses to support research, entrepreneurship, and business development in this arena.

We support innovation in agriculture, and we want to see new products, services, and companies emerge in this region to support Arkansas farmers and our local economy.

Winrock International's Arkansas I-Fund & Delta I-Fund:

Innovate Arkansas:

Little Rock Venture Center:

Ag Launch:

Arkansas Biosciences Institute @ Arkansas State University:

Arkansas Department of Agriculture:

Arkansas Research & Technology Park:

Arkansas Food Innovation Center: