AG COMP SIF – Agriculture Group Compensation Self-Insured Fund

AgCompLogo2014withSlogan_RGB (2)A unique benefit to becoming a member of the Ag Council is that a membership allows eligible members to take part in the Agriculture Group Compensation Self-Insured Fund (Ag-Comp SIF).

The Ag-Comp SIF program was created and authorized on September 1, 1992 as an innovative alternative market for workers’ compensation coverage. The primary objective is to share risk among a large pool of participants and to limit risk and risk exposure.

The Ag-Comp SIF offers reasonable premiums, loss control services and superior claims management for members of the Ag Council.

This insurance policy is available to all members of the Ag Council engaged in the following classes of operations: Farm Operations; Cotton Gin Operators; Cotton Warehouse Operations; Farm Supply Operations; Grain Elevator/Rice Dryer Operations; Grain Milling Operations; Implement Dealers and Ag Retail; Cotton Oil Mill Operations; Aquaculture and Fish Hatcheries; and more.

The Ag-Comp SIF program operates within the guidelines of the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Law and is regulated by the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission. These regulations include actuarial reviews, audited financial statements and that all surplus money be invested only “in federally insured banks or in direct obligation of the U.S. Government.”

The bottom line with this program is that it limits risks for employers thereby saving the employer from unknown liability risks that could come from injuries to employees at work.

“The Ag Council provides great networking opportunities. In addition, the workers’ compensation insurance program has saved our operation many thousands of dollars. A membership in the Ag Council is absolutely one of the best values I have ever seen.”
-Hal Hyneman Past Ag Council President – producer and businessman, Trumann, Ark.

For more information on how your business or farm can benefit from this program, please contact Terry Duke at 1-800-798-2999 / or Bobby Davis at 1-501-375-1000 /