Leadership Opportunities

Members of the Agricultural Council of Arkansas (Ag Council) have the opportunity to interact in leadership development programs through participation in commodity groups and other agriculture advisory positions at the state and federal level.  Several Ag Council members already benefit from this opportunity by serving on commodity research and promotion boards that provide a voice for determining how your check-off dollars are spent. Each year, the Ag Council nominates members for these positions, and the boards depend heavily on the Ag Council for their nominations.

In addition to external leadership opportunities, there are multiple opportunities within the Ag Council membership to be active in the decision making and policy development level. Participation among membership is strongly recommended and important in determining the activities of the Ag Council.

“Many Ag Council members serve on statewide promotion boards and in various commodity organizations, so the information we share with each other is critical to our businesses. I also like that the Ag Council provides the opportunity to help shape policies that impact my business.”
-Cal McCastlain Past Ag Council President and current Ag Council Treasurer – producer, Monroe County, Ark.