Information & Communications

The Executive Vice President of the Agricultural Council of Arkansas (Ag Council), Andrew Grobmyer, is available to communicate with you on agricultural interests. Call 501-376-0455 or email to reach the Ag Council. Also, the Ag Council provides members with regular newsletters and emails to its members, keeping them abreast of current law and policy changes at the state and federal levels, as well as activities of the Ag Council. The website,, is also a great information resource for members.

“The Ag Council is foremost in information, policy, and direction in Arkansas agriculture and rural communities. Lots of value here.”
-Larry McClendon Past Ag Council President –producer and ginner, Marianna, Ark.

“The Ag Council is the common thread that connects farmers and agribusinesses with similar interests through face-to-face meetings and more recently digital means.”
-Rick Bransford, Ag Council First Vice President – producer Lonoke, Ark.