The Agricultural Council of Arkansas (Ag Council) advocates on behalf of its members year-round at the state and federal levels on a variety of issues. The primary focus of the Ag Council’s advocacy efforts is to press for policies that expand market opportunities for agricultural commodities, increase production and profits of Arkansas farms, invest in agriculture research and extension services, provide adequate safety-net programs for farmers, support on-farm conservation practices, and ensure a sustainable agriculture industry.

“We are the only organization in the state that strictly represents the row crop industry, and we serve an important role for our members and their businesses. This organization gives us a strong and united voice among policy makers at the State Capitol and in Washington.”
-Herrick Norcross Ag Council President 2013-2014 – producer, Tyronza, Ark.

“My family joined the Ag Council in 1963. Our membership allows us to have a voice on important issues. Others should join the Ag Council for the same reason, so their voice can be heard.”
-Stewart Weaver, Ag Council Second Vice President 2012-2013 – producer Edmondson, Ark.

“I have been involved with the Ag Council for 30 years. I initially tried all the various Ag associations in Arkansas but focused on the Ag Council because of the leadership that the council offered. The council has always focused on row crops and our business was that.”
-Thad Freeland Past Ag Council President – producer and ginner, Tillar, Ark.

“Every farmer cannot give their talent, but there is no excuse for not investing money to protect your interests. You never know just when the help from an organization like this will be needed and needed badly. Experience has taught us that you can’t wait until war is declared to form and train an army.”
-Harvey R. Adams, Executive Vice President of the Agricultural Council of Arkansas in 1943