Brock Associates Announce Plans to Partner with Indigo Marketplace

On Thursday, June 13th, well known commodity market analyst and strategist, Richard Brock (owner of Brock Associates and the BrockReport) announced that his company was providing a new service to his customers. The service is in partnership with Indigo Ag’s Marketplace platform to help farmers sell more grain online.

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A message from Richard Brock:

Technology has a way of changing many industries given enough time, challenging the status quo and offering improved solutions in cost, efficiency, and transparency. Grain marketing has avoided such a change for the most part, as picking up the phone and selling 10,000 bushels is as predominant today as it was in 1970.

There are a handful of companies that currently have an operable, web-based platform for making cash grain marketing transactions. One such company is Indigo, and their platform is called Marketplace. We see the trend toward selling grain online continuing, and so Brock Associates is aligning our interests with Marketplace.

Brock Associates will use Marketplace to help our own clients shop for basis opportunities and evaluate delivery decisions, as well as offer Managed Grain Contacts. Details on using and signing up will hit your inbox over the next weeks, but wanted you to hear it from me first. We will also dedicate a few minutes at each of our seminars over the next two weeks to fill you in as well. 

We look forward to working with Indigo to help enhance the income of subscribers to the Brock Report, our clients and other associates. The world is changing fast and that includes agriculture and marketing.