State Plant Board Approves New Rule for Dicamba Use in 2019

On Wednesday, February 20th, the Arkansas State Plant Board approved (with a 9-6 vote) a rule for dicamba use in Arkansas for the 2019 crop year. The rule will now go to the Arkansas General Assembly and Governor for final review before going into effect. The final rule was based upon a draft rule that was subject to 30 day public comment period and an all day public hearing, which took place on February 20th.

The final rule will allow for in crop over the top use of approved dicamba formulations through May 25th with a one mile buffer from University and USDA Research facilities and certified organic crops as well as a 1/2 mile omni-direction buffer from non-dicamba tolerant crops. Additional requirements are also included for applicators as it relates to training, and a special use permit will be available for applications made after the May 25th cut-off date for individuals with fields behind the Mississippi River levee. Glyphosate is prohibited from mixing with dicamba after April 15.

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