Congress Approves Water Infrastructure Bill

The United States Senate unanimously approved on October 10th a water infrastructure bill known as the America’s Water Infrastructure Act (WRDA Bill), sending the measure to President Trump for his signature. The measure was approved by the U.S. House in September. The measure authorizes funding for water infrastructure projects, expands water storage capabilities, provides assistance for water and waste water projects, and provides other water related infrastructure funding.

America’s Water Infrastructure Act will:

  • Authorize federal funding for water infrastructure projects, which leverages billions in water infrastructure spending;
  • Expand water storage capabilities;
  • Include billions of dollars in deauthorizations and reduce the deficit;
  • Assist local communities in complying with the Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Water Act by upgrading aging drinking water, wastewater and irrigation systems;
  • Reduce flooding risks for rural, western, and coastal communities;
  • Ensure that America maintains the competitiveness of our coastal and inland ports, and maintain the navigability of our inland waterways;
  • Create a new framework to allow for more Army Corps projects to be budgeted with increased local stakeholder input and expanded transparency;
  • Authorize or reauthorize important water infrastructure programs and projects; and
  • Address significant water infrastructure needs in tribal communities.

Read the text of America’s Water Infrastructure Act here and a section-by-section of the legislation here.

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