Dicamba Issue Maintains State Focus and National Focus

The issue of dicamba continues to be a major topic in Arkansas and across the country.  In Arkansas this week Monsanto urged a court to place a stay on impending regulations from the Arkansas State Plant Board that would establish a prohibition of use of dicamba herbicides over crops from April 16 through October 31.  The regulation along with new penalties associated with illegal use of auxin herbicides were also part of a hearing before the House and Senate Agriculture Committees at the Arkansas General Assembly.  On December 12th, the regulations for use restrictions will go before the Arkansas General Assembly’s Legislative Council, the final step before being implemented. On the same date, the State Plant Board will conduct its next quarterly meeting.

Nationally, the subject got significant consideration at the Agriculture Retailers Associations annual meeting in Phoenix.  The issue was covered in three separate presentations over three days.

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Dicamba: Monsanto Seeks Temporary Restraining Order On Proposed Arkansas Regs