New Lawsuit Filed Against Plant Board on Dicamba

On November 10th, a new lawsuit  related to dicamba regulations was filed against the Arkansas State Plant Board.  This time it was filed by a handful of farmers who had previously led a petition to the Plant Board seeking a May 25th cut-off date as an alternative to the April 15 cut-off, which was recommended by the “Dicamba Task Force” and made a proposed final regulation approved by the Plant Board on November 8th with a 10-3 vote.  The lawsuit is the second such suit, and it follows a similar suit brought by Monsanto.  The farmer suit claims the Plant Board is organized in violation to the Arkansas Constitution because the law establishing the agency allows for a handful of the seats to be appointed by various agricultural industry groups. The plaintiffs in the suit to have the regulations approved by the board to be made void.

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Farmer Suit Against Plant Board