Plant Board Concerned with Off-Target Herbicide Damage Reports

A growing number of reports related to off-target crop damage from herbicides has caused great concern for the Arkansas State Plant Board.  According to Plant Board inspectors and weed scientists with the University of Arkansas, the most common symptoms of crop damage point to dicamba as the culprit. In an effort to keep track of the situation, the Plant Board will hold weekly meetings each Friday at 10:00am through July 21st. The Arkansas Agriculture Department has also provided a weblink to provide the latest updates from the Plant Board.  So far over 50 suspected dicamba complaints have been filed at the Plant Board.

This year in Arkansas only one formulation of dicamba is available for use over the top after April 15th, and that is Engenia, which is a product of BASF.  There are also a number of strict laws and training requirements related to the purchase and use of the product in the state as well as a label that is highly prescriptive due to the known propensity for dicamba to move off target. The new herbicide is being utilized in new ways since newly released seed technology from Monsanto known as XTend offers a varieties resistant to the herbicide. However, soybean seeds that do not contain the XTend technology are highly susceptible to even trace amounts of the herbicide.

Users of herbicides are strongly encouraged by the Plant Board to strictly adhere to the laws and labels to herbicides.

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Damage reports from dicamba pouring in over the last 2 weeks