Flood Damage Estimates Increase Sharply

As floodwater from late April’s inundation spread southward through Arkansas, its destructive reach expanded to 977,800 acres of farmland and the dollar value of its damage has grown so far to about $175 million, according to an updated estimate released Tuesday by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.

The $175 million is a midpoint in an estimated range from $140 million to $210 million that not only includes the value of the cropland damaged, but also the effects of reduced processing.

The estimate was calculated by Eric Wailes, distinguished professor of agricultural economics and agribusiness for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, based on information compiled the previous week by a Cooperative Extension Service team led by Jarrod Hardke, extension rice agronomist for the Division of Agriculture, working with county extension agents and the Farm Service Agency.

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