Trump Administration Lays Out Trade Agenda

Last month, the Trump Administration released through the United States Trade Representative (USTR) a comprehensive Trade Policy Agenda that outlines their goals and objectives related to world trade. The document is required by statute and delivered to Congress each year. According to analysis of the report, President Trump calls for a new approach on trade for the United States that takes a nationalistic approach to trade and seeks to rewrite existing trade agreements and more vigorously pursue unfair trade practices by other nations. It also states intentions to seek out bi-lateral trade agreements and avoid multi-lateral agreements.

Parts of the trade agenda were welcomed by the agriculture sector. Some particularly welcoming words were statements about finding new export opportunities for the United States and more stringently holding other nations to account for unfair trade practices. However, other parts of the agenda leave agriculture in a state of anxiety not knowing what retaliatory actions may result from the new posturing of this administration.

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