Dicamba Drift Strikes Arkansas and Other Mid-South States

Arkansas and many other states are experiencing crop damage due to off-label use of the herbicide dicamba.  It is believed that the release of new dicamba tolerant seed technology from Monsanto without approval for it’s proprietary dicamba based herbicide formulation has led to problems that have resulted from some farmers utilizing dicamba in a manner not approved.  This unapproved usage has caused damage to thousands of acres of crops and increased work loads for the State Plant Board, which is tasked with fielding complaint calls and inspecting potential off target applications. While the seed was recently accepted for import from China, it has yet to be approved by European Union markets, and many grain companies have announced that they will not purchase dicamba tolerant seed without full market approval. Monsanto continues to seek approval for it’s new dicamba formulations, which they claim have far less volatility concerns from traditional dicamba formulations already available in the marketplace, and they believe the chemical formulations will be approved and available for the 2017 crop year.

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