Ag Council Statement on EPA WOTUS Rule

5.27.2015 Statement on WOTUS Final Rule

Statement by Ag Council Executive Vice President Andrew Grobmyer:

“We are reviewing the final rule, but we remain opposed to the EPA’s efforts to dramatically expand its regulatory authority. With their efforts to redefine waters to be regulated by the Clean Water Act, they’ve created an enforcement and compliance nightmare for U.S. citizens and placed a drag on our economic productivity. Private landowners and farmers whose businesses, livelihoods, and personal health depend on clean water, clean air, and healthy soils do not need more expansive government regulations that add risk to their operations. This new regulation, if not mitigated by Congress or the courts, will undoubtedly cause new compliance burdens for agriculture, place farmers at risk of lawsuits, and make it more costly to our farmers to produce the food and fiber the world demands. We hope to work with our Congressional delegation to seek and create sensible government and private sector solutions to enhance water and air quality, soil health, and wildlife habitat.”


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